So I’m Moving to Bristol…

Hi all! You may have noticed that there wasn’t an A Wren’s Tale page this week. That is because my life has suddenly taken a sharp lefthand turn and is now apparently driving at full-tilt along a bumpy track in the dark – oh and the headlights have broken. On the plus side, I think I can see some welcoming lanterns between the trees, although at this point perhaps the extended metaphor is becoming a little stretched…

In plain language, I’ve been given a place on an Animation MA! I had the interview on Friday, the course registration is this Thursday, I need to move to Bristol, this is ample time to go from ‘let’s find a job’ to ‘let’s become a student on the kind of course that I’ve always guiltily dreamed of and subconsciously known I wasn’t meant to join’…

As you may be able to tell, I am in a state of manic, exhausted, excited shock and as such will not be  posting any more comic pages until the world has calmed down and ceased to lurch forwards from one lurid snapshot to the next without bothering with the in-between bits! The last page ended Chapter 2, so at least I managed to get us to a logical stopping place before going on hiatus =)

See you on the other side!

Katie Wakelin comic - A Wren's Tale

Page 39 – and the end of Chapter 2 =D Yay!

I’m currently planning a few projects to upgrade my portfolio. Hopefully I’ll have some things to show you soon – I’ve started one or two pieces already =)


Page 38 – penultimate page of Chapter 2! =D I think this may be a product of my brain right now… I’m longing for autumn and Halloween and my mind feels like fireworks are going off left, right and centre. I didn’t mean for this page to be quite so technicolor, but ah well, might as well own it!

A Girl and Her Cat – Wintry Happiness

A third Girl and Her Cat painting! =D It may be summery and beautiful outside (or it was before it suddenly became very wet and rainy…) but I always start to yearn for autumn and winter at this time of year. There’s something so crisp and clean and joyous about a good hard frost!

I’m trying to train myself out of polishing things to death, so I’m posting this before I feel like it’s 100% perfect (a point I usually gauge by no longer knowing what else to do to a painting and no longer caring!). What do you guys think, does it look finished or does it need those few extra details/neatening of things? =)


Katie Wakelin comic - A Wren's Tale

Page 36 is here =D I’ve been waiting for so long to get to this part – finally a chance to draw Sebastian’s music! I’m not sure I got it entirely right (I kept thinking I was painting and could cover darker colours with lighter ones!), but it’s pretty close to how I pictured it. I strongly associate music with colour and shape – this kind of purple-blue veils/streamers with flecks and lamp-like spots of yellow is how a lot of dreamy guitar music looks like to me. I was thinking of a lot of Laura Veirs and Kristin Hersh songs in particular.

Hope you like it! =D

Work Experience

Just finished a week of work experience with the company my Dad works with – ClearPeople. The creative team was lovely, very willing to help me and to put up with my initial shyness and uncertainty! It definitely highlighted to me how little I know of the ‘language’ of graphic design (and the work place in general…). Being self-taught and mainly focused on illustration meant that there were things I took for granted which were surprising to the people around me, and a disproportionately larger number of things I hadn’t even considered which were part of their everyday.

The week has been utterly exhausting (6:15am starts do not sit well with me!) and incredibly stimulating. I’m gonna need a while to process all the new information! But I have had an insight into the workflow of creating something under direction as part of a team, from initial idea to (nearly) final execution. And as a nice bonus I’ve come away with a redesigned CV and renewed enthusiasm to get cracking with this whole career malarky!

I made this painting on my last day as part of an illustration to go on my resume. It’s a semi-self-portrait, a portrait of interests if you will. Spending a day painting in an office convinced me that it could be the best 9-5 job ever… though perhaps I just got a rose-tinted view of it since I was essentially working on a personal piece! =) Also, given my propensity to mentally inhabit a painting I’m creating, looking up to find myself in a sunlit office rather than my bedroom at night was rather disorientating…