I made another page! I was determined to get this one finished as soon as I could, since I knew that the second page would be the one I’d find hardest to begin and scariest to post. Sure enough, this felt like a struggle against myself from start to finish, battling uncertainty and dissatisfaction to come out with something I would be brave enough to publish. I was really pleased with the first page, so I felt the pressure to get this one up to the same standard in my eyes. Hopefully I’ve now broken through the fear barrier, and the next pages will get easier and easier!

I think I did more studies in preparation for the final panel than I have for anything else before, even a full painting. I’ll post some of the sketches next, so that you can see inside my process a little more. I wanted to use this comic as a focus for all the things I am doing to improve my artwork, so I figured I should do things properly! It really helped me visualise the panel – the ship-school went from a child’s drawing of a boat with windows to something far more grounded in the beautiful shapes of 18th-century ships like HMS Victory. Reference is golden!

Let me know your thoughts on the comic so far – do you like the style? Is the writing working? Where do you think it’s going? I’d love to hear from you =)


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