As promised, the next page is here! I hope you like it =D I found many aspects of this one difficult – it is still painfully evident to me how new I am to creating comic strips! But from my difficulties I learned a huge amount, not least about the level of planning needed for pages like this one.

I think I should have done some colour tests, or at least thought through the colourscheme more thoroughly before I started. It would also have been easier had I tried out more experimental sketches before I drew the page proper, so as to avoid the amount of erasing and re-drawing necessary. Next week I will start drawing a day earlier to allow for better preparation and a more relaxed schedule!

I am treating these early pages as a learning exercise, and trying not to put too much pressure on myself to create something perfect. I made the mistake with this page of trying too hard in the wrong ways, over-thinking the drawings I was trying to make while under-thinking the narrative I was trying to convey. It seems I need to be in just the right mindset to draw well; aware of the potential for excellence, but not so caught up in the need to achieve it that my creativity gets drowned out by over-thinking. To subscribe to a common comparison, it’s like walking on a tightrope. I have to be able to admire the view without fearing the drop.


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