Page 4 already! A page of green… I enjoyed drawing this one much, much more than the previous page. I was in a far better headspace all round, and felt considerably better prepared for setting aside an extra evening for studies and practice runs. The drawings of the hands especially benefited from it! It was great to settle into the flow of a page a bit more easily, and it went quite a bit faster than the previous ones have (although that might be partly because the panels are somewhat simpler in this one).  I feel like I’m gradually working out this whole comic thing!

I’m going to keep to this format for the rest of the Prologue, but I’m considering some other options once I head into Chapter 1. I have some more complicated panels planned, for which I want to be able to show characters’ expressions more clearly, so I’ll definitely increase the size at which I draw the pages. I may also have to make a digital move, at least for colours. While I love using the copics, digital is considerably faster and much less stressful in many ways (if you get it wrong, ctrl+alt+Z is right there to catch you!). That said, it’s all fairly open at this stage. I’ll do a few style tests once I’ve finished the Prologue, and possibly share them with you guys to see which is working the best before I commit to it =)

In the meantime, enjoy this page, and as always feedback is much appreciated! =D


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