And so the Prologue comes to its end!

Again, I really enjoyed this page, despite being fairly exhausted after a weekend of deadlines and climbing competitions. It feels amazing to have completed the Prologue – this has been a dream for so long that reaching this sort of measurable progress point is utterly surreal. I’m so excited for Chapter 1!

I could do with spending some time planning and doing experiments with the format before I launch into the next chapter. I’ve also just entered the main revision period for my exams. My exams will be over in almost exactly a month’s time, so I think I will leave Wren here for now and pick up with Chapter 1 once they are all done with. That will give me time to plan the chapter out thoroughly and draw several test pages to see whether I want to do them digitally or change the size of the pages and so forth. I will of course continue to update the blog, and release bits and pieces of development art for A Wren’s Tale so that you can see that I am still working on the comic! I definitely don’t want to stop drawing during exam time, but I think having the weekly deadline would be hard to manage alongside revision and the work I’m doing for my college’s May Ball, which is likely to increase in volume as the ball draws nearer.

I hope you all stick around despite the wait! I cannot wait to begin telling you the main part of the story. Keep that feedback coming – you are all wonderful people, and I am hugely grateful for every comment, ‘like’ or share that you give me =D *hands round end-of-prologue-cookies*


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