‘A Wren’s Tale’ Update!

Hey guys!

Just checking in to let you know that the basic plan for Chapter 1 of A Wren’s Tale is now done =D Since I’ve been concentrating on word-based planning, I haven’t had any pretty pictures to share with you, but hopefully that will change over the next couple of weeks.

New as I am to this whole writing-a-comic business, I’m intending to write out some of the scenes from Chapter 1 in prose, particularly dialogue scenes, so that I can get a clear idea of how they’ll play out and how the pacing should work. Then I’ll move on to planning the individual panels. In the meantime, I want to begin perfecting the designs of some of the characters and, once I’ve got some scenes planned in greater detail, doing a few test-run panels to check that the colour schemes and compositions are working with the format I want to use.

So you can expect more teases and sneak peeks to come! For now, here are some design sketches for one of the characters you’ll be meeting beyond the wall: teresa-sketches001


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