School’s Out for Summer!

Phew, the last few weeks have been busy! I know I promised more updates in my last blog post, but what with exams and then preparations for my college May Ball and returning home from uni, I have had little mental space for them. However, I am now home, I have most of the next part of my comic planned in detail, and as such I have begun work on the first page of Chapter 1 of A Wren’s Tale! I’m so excited to get back into the flow of making the comic. I’ve decided to stick with the traditional format, because it makes each pages feel special and unique to me in a way that I think would be lost in digital format. My computer is quite a ‘cluttered’ environment, associated with many different projects and head-spaces, whereas there’s something clean about having an entire medium and working method set aside for A Wren’s Tale. I am, however, going to up the size of the panels so that they can be more detailed and zoomed in on characters’ faces and so forth =) Alongside continuing with comic updates, I have a few other fun things lined up for the long summer holidays that I thought I’d share with you. Firstly, next week I’m going away for my first ever backpacking trip without my mother! I’m taking one of my more gullible brave university friends to walk the Cumbria Way in the Lake District, which should be awesome. We both love to draw, so sketchbooks will be carried (despite the extra weight – now that’s commitment!) and hopefully we won’t be too tired to draw in them! We also have a family holiday to Austria planned (backpacking again!) but other than those two trips away I’m planning to remain at home in order to concentrate on artwork. Once I’m back from the Cumbria Way, I’m going to sign up for Noah Bradley’s Art Camp. There are so many amazing-looking art courses springing up online at the moment that it was very hard to choose one, but I’ve decided to go for Art Camp due to its short length (12 weeks) and the fact that it’s self-directed, both features which work well with my need to be flexible around holidays and the constraints of university terms. Starting when I intend to, the course will run into termtime, but with any luck I’ll be able to follow it to the end. If not, the videos remain available to me once the course ends, so I can always go back and complete the last few homeworks during the Christmas holidays. I cannot wait to get started with some structured art tuition – I love Noah Bradley’s outlook on life, and I think learning from him is going to be a treat =D Career-wise, I’m intending to keep my eyes open for positions such as on-set runner or similar opportunities over the summer. I’m subscribed to My First Job in Film, which sends through a lot of notifications for urgent or short-term openings. I want to try to apply to as many of those as I can once all my holidays away are over, just to see if I can get some industry experience of any sort. Mostly though, this summer is reserved for improving my artwork and forging ahead with the first chapter of A Wren’s Tale. I hope you’ll all come along for the ride with me =D


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