Art Camp

I’m back from holiday! And the first thing I did on my return (other than unpacking and getting my Dad to make me dinner and going for a short stroll, because a week of backpacking obviously wasn’t enough walking for me) was to sign up for Noah Bradley’s Art Camp =D I’ve been considering it for a couple of years now, but this is the first holiday when I’ve had long enough at home to feel able to go ahead with it. I’m very excited to begin working on my fundamental skills in a more structured way!

The course is set out with 12 2-hour-long videos, each of which involves a demonstration with lecture-style advice and information on the exercises being shown. Homework is set for each lecture, with an option of 3 tiers of difficult, ‘Normal’, ‘Harder’ or ‘Insane’. Even though the course is now completely self-directed, I’m planning to use the weekly schedule it was originally designed with, apart from when I’m on holiday in Austria, and I want to aim for the ‘Harder’ tier of difficulty and see how it goes time-wise. I have access to the videos forever now though, so I’ll probably return to any that I found particularly useful or didn’t have time to do as much of the homework for =)

The first week’s topic is masters studies, and the ‘Harder’ tier of homework involves doing 30 value studies, 30 colour studies and 1 full copy of a master’s painting. I’ve watched the video, and Noah has already flagged up quite a few things I’d never thought of before. Watching a professional artist demonstrating the exercises you’re about to do and listening to his discussion of his thought processes and advice for students as he goes along makes you much more aware of what you’re trying to learn when you begin the practice. 10 value thumbnails in, and I’m already seeing new compositions I want to try and spotting some mistakes that I’ve been repeating without realising it! Not to mention that finding the masters to study has improved my (still incredibly limited) awareness of art history phenomenally overnight. As someone who hated, hated, hated copying paintings at school, it’s a revelation not only to be seeing the point, but actually to be enjoying researching artists!

I’ll keep you all up to date on progress with the camp, and will post some of my practice pieces at the end of each week =) I’m about to start work on the next page of A Wren’s Tale as well, as I’m keen to get two pages out before I go away again a week on Monday. I’m then away for 3 weeks, but after that I have no other trips planned, so I’ll be getting back to updating A Wren’s Tale every Sunday =D

So much art this summer! Bring it on!


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