Art Camp – Week 1 Review


Week 1 of Art Camp done! =D I managed to do 20 colour studies, 20 value studies and 1 full master study – so a little less than I was aiming for, but still an amount I can be pleased with. I found that by the time I’d done that many small studies I was losing sight of what I was learning from them, and they were becoming a mindless process (which would be a good thing if I were learning how to render or some other mechanical part of creating art, but less so when the aim was to analyse and internalise the compositions and colour relationships!). I really, really enjoyed the full master study though. I found myself grinning at the screen halfway through because the painting process was coming so fluidly. Hopefully I can carry that over into my own work for Week 2 – Sketching from the Imagination =D I plan to take art things away with me to Austria and do some work from Art Camp in the evenings.

Part of what I’m hoping to learn from Art Camp is how long things take me when I’m doing art every day, and thus how best to manage my time. This week was something of a trial run in that regard, and so I aimed high with what I wanted to achieve on the basis that even if I didn’t reach it I’d still have done more than I otherwise might have. I feel that my tactic has succeeded, in that I’ve done more artwork in a week than I have in a long time, despite all the tiredness from the end of term and leading a backpacking trip catching up with me at once! I’ve decided, however, only to complete one page for A Wren’s Tale rather than two, as holidays are apparently for rest as well as exciting projects (or so people keep telling me…). I’m at the colouring stage for Page 8 and I feel like the practice I’ve been doing for Art Camp has really paid off in it – I’m feeling much more confident with my drawing, especially with holding a large 3D space in my head and transferring it to the page without losing the sense of scale, which I’ve always found to be one of the hardest things to do =D

For those of you interested, here are some of the studies I completed this week:



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