Art Camp – Week 2 Review

Week 2 of Art Camp completed! Well, almost – I didn’t do the full masters study for this week, and I only managed the lowest tier of work. However, since I began this assignment nearly four weeks ago, I feel the need to push on to the next one to regain my momentum. As such, I am content with what I’ve achieved for this homework.

Drawing the sketches from imagination was disconcertingly hard – I draw from the imagination all the time (indeed, it is my preferred way to draw), yet somehow these paintings just wouldn’t come easily. Maybe it was because I was doing them *for* something, and therefore artistic stage fright took over, or maybe it was because I wanted them to be something special and different, when in fact they’re really just what I’ve been doing for fun my entire life. Regardless, I quote Noah Bradley from this week’s lecture video, “in order to do great drawings, you have to do a lot of good drawings, and in order to do a lot of good drawings, you have to do a lot of bad ones.” I think I’m probably making inroads into my quota of bad drawings!

That said, I do think you can see some progression over the course of this assignment. This was the first image I drew, before leaving for Austria:

And here are the last three ones I did:


I’ve discovered that using the lasso tool + texture brushes (as in the image of the pink icebergs) can create a clean, believable image very quickly, but that I am most comfortable when I begin with lines (as seen in the image of the nighttime mountain road). I seem to find it difficult to pull a sense of space, place and depth from paintstrokes alone, especially digitally. I might try some traditional ones of these over the course of Art Camp, maybe like the ones I did on holiday but using an opaque medium, rather than watercolours, so that I can be bolder with colours and forms.

All in all, I’m feeling like I’m making progress, and am looking forwards to the road ahead =D


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