Art Camp – Week 4 Review

Turns out self portraits become very boring when you only really have 2 convenient lighting set-ups and 1 angle at which you can safely position a mirror next to your monitor! I ended up really enjoying the masters studies though (unexpextedly again!), and I had fun with the final colour portrait =) I can definitely see and feel improvement now, and I love the technique I’ve developed over the last two weeks. A quick sketch with a pencil-esque photoshop brush followed by loose, blocky strokes with a textured rectangular brush, gradually growing more refined. It’s great fun, and very different to my previous way of painting digitally =D

I had such a busy week this week, but I still managed to complete the minimum assignment – I think my efficiency was greatly improved by the time pressure, which is encouraging, as usually I am the slowest artist ever! For example, the ‘quick’ block-ins were meant to take 15-20mins, whereas I took 30mins-1hr over each of them… But I managed to do more art today than I have ever managed in one day before, so evidently deadlines are good for me!


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