Art Camp – Week 5 Review

As a British person, the moment I saw the words ‘plein air painting’ above this week’s assignment, I just knew it was going to rain. However, I did not expect the Great British August Weather to outdo itself in quite such spectacular fashion as it has done this past week! As a result of near-constant driving rain, trees blown over and flooding, I have found my outdoor painting activities somewhat curtailed this week. Despite this, and the discovery that while painting in the glorious sunshine of Austria is enjoyable and relaxing the same cannot be said for shivering in full waterproofs while the paints refuse to dry and the light changes every 5 seconds, I have done my best.

While confined indoors, I have begun my first personal painting of the summer, and the level of improvement is very pleasing to see. With any luck I’ll be able to share the finished piece with you sooner rather than later, although my process is still painfully slow. I’ve been helped in facing the fear of creating a full piece by a fantastic book called, ‘Art and Fear’ by David Bayles and Ted Orland, which is wonderfully comforting, even as it exposes and dissects the common fears and tribulations that artists (of any media) face every day. For any of you who are artistically inclined, I heartily recommend a read!

I have also been considering my future, which involved enough angst to fully merit the weather I felt. Having spoken with my careers advisor, I’ve decided I need a plan B, in case I’m not industry-ready by this time next year (or preferrably before that for job applications!) My favoured option at the moment would probably be something like museum work, but we’ll see how things go. In any case, I plan to continue to aim for an artistic career first and foremost, and the priority at the moment is building a portfolio – it’s no good emailing a load of games/animation/publishing companies saying I want to work in their art departments, only to have no art to show them if they respond! I’m hoping that the personal piece I’m working on will be the first in this portfolio, which I want to divide between Illustration and Concept Art work, as those are the two fields I’m most interested in =)

Anyway, scary thoughts of actual jobs aside, here’s my homework for this week!


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