New Painting!

A fairy noble prepares for the Midsummer Hunt.

First full painting since beginning Art Camp! I think the progress is proof of the effectiveness of the course – I felt I knew what I was doing a lot more than with previous pieces, especially regarding colours and values. I experimented with a limited palette (all the hues here are confined to the range between yellow-green and red) and it was so much fun playing with saturation to create ‘blue’ and ‘purple’ tones! I wanted to create an unsettling atmosphere, heavy and hot and hard to see through despite the apparently bright sunshine. I hope that I succeeded in that, as well as in introducing a few ambiguities and jarring notes to the character’s design and her surroundings.

The subject is a fairy noble preparing for the Midsummer Hunt. I’ve been fascinated by worlds involving the Folk pretty much as long as I can remember – I love their inhumanity, the way they can straddle the line between the comic and the horrifying, the beautiful and the grotesque. You may yet be seeing more of them from me!

Hope you like it =) Comment, like, share, do all those wonderful things you do, and stay tuned for the A Wren’s Tale update later tonight (two updates in one day, what is this!?) *hands out painting-completion cookies*


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