Portfolio Project

castle concept design

No, you haven’t mistaken the day, it is Tuesday today! I know I usually only update twice a week, but I wanted to share this new project while I’m still fresh and excited about it. I spent this morning designing this castle, which was a real opportunity to let my inner (ok, not very hidden) child run free. I’ve always loved the aesthetic of those hand-drawn information sheets you sometimes get when you visit old castles, so I wanted to design my own castle using that style. I also took the opportunity to utilise some of that information I’ve been storing in my head from years of running around old forts on family holidays! I hope it’s ended up more interesting than your generic fantasy castle =)

What has this to do with a new project? Well, this castle is part of a world which sprang into my head while I was out walking the other day, and has gradually been taking shape since. I’m planning to begin building the world through concept art and illustrations, like the Preparing for the Hunt painting which I posted on Sunday, which also fits into this world. That way, with any luck, I’ll begin to build an online portfolio of work which will cover environment, character and asset design, as well as illustration. From that I can work out which fields of work I’m best at/enjoy most and will already have work prepared to put into a formal portfolio for sending to prospective employers.

There is some risk that by basing my portfolio around one world I will limit the range of subject matter, but all the advice I’ve found seems to suggest that this is actually quite a good idea. Indeed, Chris Oatley even wrote a blog post recommending tying a visual development portfolio (essentially concept art for animation) to a particular story or personal project, in order to help make your work that little bit more unique. I’ll see how it goes, but with any luck this strategy with give me more direction and impetus than just creating work for a portfolio would on its own =D

(if you’re wondering about the notes saying ‘see separate sheet’ for the church, that’s my project for tomorrow =) )


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