Art Camp – Week 6 Review

Half way through Art Camp! =D I’m uploading a little early this week, since tomorrow I go away for a short weekend break in the Lake District (also due to this the next  A Wren’s Tale update will be slightly delayed).

This week’s assignment was photo studies, and so I thought I’d take the opportunity I was denied by last week’s weather and do some landscape studies. And the outcome is as I suspected… All my life I have been somewhat intimidated by landscapes, always tending to focus on characters, animals, objects, anything but environments really. But I’ve had a niggling feeling for a while that I might actually be better suited to painting landscapes. I prefer gazing at a mountain to staring at people for instance (in fact I will actively avoid looking at people and focus on the nearest tree if given the option – thus is the reclusive artist stereotype perpetuated!). I have plenty of experience of different terrains, thanks to many family walking holidays, and love examining how light and atmospheric conditions change over time in mountains/on water/among trees. Therefore, it really should not have come as a surprise that when I finally got around to studying landscapes, I found them the most relaxing and enjoyable things I’ve painted in a long time. I only wish I’d had time to do more!

So, my note to self for this week is to begin doing more illustrations of landscapes rather than characters, and to act on my instincts sooner rather than waiting for someone to give me permission via a tutorial video!

Here are the studies – all reference photos were my own, from various holidays over the last year or so =)


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