Art Camp – Week 8 Review

I think this is the moment to bring attention an important fact. My university has 8-week terms. This was Week 8 of Art Camp. Apparently the last two years of training have given my brain to believe that the 8th week of any endeavour can only lead to one thing: A HOLIDAY!

As you can imagine, that made this week something of a struggle as far as productivity and concentration were concerned. I think I’ve reached saturation point! Focusing enough not only to do the assigned exercises (figure drawing practice), but also to get any benefit from what they were teaching me, has become nigh on impossible. So I’ve decided to give myself a break. One of the merits of doing a self-directed course is that when I can no longer take in information effectively, I can give my mind a rest, in order to come back refreshed and able to learn from what I’m doing rather than merely going through the mechanical motions.

I’m also keen to make the most of my last 2 weeks of summer holiday, and to give some more attention to my dissertation before I return to Cambridge at the start of October =) Therefore, I shall put Art Camp on hold at least until then, and probably until the Christmas holidays, depending on how insane termtime becomes! I shall continue to update A Wren’s Tale though, and work on personal pieces in the meantime (I have several things I’ve been wanting to paint for a while!).

(… wow, this post has a lot of mentions of the number between 7 and 9 that is twice 4… I do hope no multi-tentacled black gods of wrath appear to devour me…)



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