Dreaming Spires of Cambridge

Time flies! I’m back for my final year at Cambridge. It’s weird how this place has come to feel like home so quickly!

Now that I’ve succeeded in packing all my stuff, hauling it into the car, heaving it out of the car, and lugging it all the way up two flights of stairs to unpack it in my new room, I thought it would be a good time to set some ambitions for this term, art-wise. Obviously my studies take up a lot of time, and I don’t want to miss out on enjoying the social side of my final year, but I would like to keep up the momentum I’ve gained over the summer with regards to my artwork. Therefore, I’m going to aim to keep posting A Wren’s Tale on its usual schedule, beginning next weekend. I also want to try to make quick colour sketches or studies as often as possible, even if they’re only 20-minute scribbles. Finally, I want to keep the project I’m doing for my portfolio ticking over, which I think will be most manageable by having larger pieces and concept work on the back burner, where I can just do a little on them here and there as time allows.

Essentially, I want all of this to add up to doing art as close to daily as is feasible, so I don’t have to lose time ‘warming up’ once I reach the holidays. I’m trying to keep a positive attitude towards time – so rather than thinking, Argh I have so much to do and it takes up so much time! I want to think, I have five minutes, I could fit in a few brushstrokes on this painting… That way, with any luck, I’ll finish the term without having negatively affected my degree work but with a lot more art practice under my belt than had I simply dismissed it as taking too long =)

And as proof of my good intentions, have a rough sketch of the view from my college room window, done in the beautiful hazy light this morning!

Katie Wakelin painting sketch


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