Hiatus Over!

Phew! I must apologise for my absence over the last month – this year I entered Part II of my course, meaning that the structure of my term completely changed. This has given me more flexibility regarding when my work ends up being done, but also meant that my predictions for the schedule of the term were completely off. As it turned out, I very much front-loaded my workload, meaning that over the past few weeks I have been running around like a headless chicken handing in essays left and right.

As of yesterday, however, I am entirely done with all my major termtime work. I now only have dissertation work, weekly translations and seminar reading to do. This being the case, I am determined to use the second half of the term to make up for my woeful lack of artistic activity in the first half. My fingers have been twitching with frustration at the lack of painting!

To begin with, I will post the next page of A Wren’s Tale this weekend. I also realised that I had left my scanner at home, but my parents will hopefully be able to bring that up over the weekend so I can actually transfer the page onto my computer! Thank you to all of you who have borne with this delay, and I hope you’re keen to see how the story progresses – I certainly am! =)

I cannot wait to start creating and posting art more regularly again =D


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