A Wren's Tale - Katie Wakelin comic

Phew – slightly late again, my apologies! I really enjoyed drawing this page, although I feel the colour scripting isn’t as strong as I’d like. I wanted the transition from night to day, but I think it might have had more impact had I kept the last two panels with the purple night-time palette. Ah well, we live and learn! I hope you like it in any case =D I’m so excited to be able to reveal some plot/backstory =)

On an administrative note, term has now technically ended, but I’ll be in Cambridge for another week in the hopes of getting some more of my dissertation written… I’m going to be busy next weekend, but I shall attempt to get a page out at some point. I can’t promise that it’ll be promptly on Sunday night, but I can try! After that, I shall be home and once more giving more attention to artwork, between making Christmas presents, catching up on reading, and getting some rest!

Keep being awesome =)


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