Getting Back in the Swing

Since I’ve been woefully neglecting the actual writing part of this blog, I thought I’d take a moment to give you all a quick life update. The term leading up to Christmas felt utterly chaotic – my course structure altered significantly and left me unsure of how to organise anything, from hobbies to work to exercise. That feeling lasted into the Christmas holidays, but I managed (with the help of discovering Buffy the Vampire Slayer and binge-watching 6 series in under 2 weeks) to give myself some space and hit the mental reset button.

This term is feeling much better thus far. I’ve taken on some extra work in an attempt to recreate some of the structure of Part I of my course, and it seems to be paying off. I always feel more energised in all things when I have a few tight deadlines to hit! I’ve been gradually bringing all my activities into play, so that I now have 3 weekly climbing sessions, A Wren’s Tale to work on over the weekend, and the intention to sketch/paint and sort out applications and career stuff in any spare time I have Monday-Thursday.

I’m thinking of applying for several masters courses, and possibly also looking at studying overseas. Of course, if I can get a job or internship straight out of the gate then that would be my preferred option – collecting a salary is always better than gathering debt, and I’d expect to have to learn on the job even if I completed a relevant degree. I’ve been continuing my efforts at networking, and thankfully writing emails is becoming less terrifying! I want to try and find some conventions or festivals to go to in the UK – if anyone knows of any good creative industry events, please let me know when and where!

I hope the start of your 2016 has been rejuvenating =) have a sketch of some sacred ruins to inject some numinosity into your afternoon!



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