Chapter 2 begins =D I took the opportunity to re-jig my handling of word balloons, and I’m really happy with the adjustments I’ve made. I had to completely redraw this page this afternoon, as I had a revelation yesterday on the train to a climbing competition… which included the entire plot and detailed scenes for the whole of the rest of the comic… which jumped into my head in vivid detail and proceeded to distract me for the duration of the competition… Thanks Wren, you couldn’t have told me earlier!?

In light of this sudden burst of inspiration, I think I’m going to attempt to actually write a script for the rest of the comic =) So far I’ve been working with a few pages planned at a time, which I think has been for the best considering how much I’m having to learn on the job. Now, however, I think I have enough of an understanding of the way this comic wants to work to be able to plan further ahead and in more detail. This page was an experiment in more complex handling of dialogue, and it was a lot of fun to do. Hopefully I can figure out a few more inventive ways to work with speech and Wren’s internal narration over the next chapter! =D


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