New painting!

Sometimes a painting seizes my mind in a vice-like grip and refuses to let go until it’s whirled me through what amounts to a creative rollercoaster in an inspiration hurricane. This was one of those. I have literally been unable to think about anything else these last few days, without this piece pouncing on my thoughts and whisking them away to something related to itself. Walking through Cambridge has been an exhausting experience! Bounce light! Angles of reflection! Colour of sunlight in the afternoon! Leaves! Layered buildings! Architectural styles! Quite dazzling.

The upshot is that I completed this painting in 3 days (having accidentally stayed up until 4:30am because time apparently vanished for several hours while I wasn’t looking) and am really really pleased with it =) I wanted to convey the sense of childhood adventures, sun-drenched stone and the joys of climbing and exploring. Whenever I look at interesting buildings, I immediately want to get up and run along ledges, climb through windows, and generally misbehave dangerously. I hope the piece captures at least something of that feeling!

I believe the girl is a magician/witch’s apprentice, exploring her mistress’ floating castle on her afternoon off =D



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