Katie Wakelin comic - A Wren's Tale 28

It’s been over a year since I started A Wren’s Tale! I can’t quite believe I’ve been doing it for that long! I’m so proud of the progress I’ve made in that time, especially given how nervous I was this time last year. I remember doubting my identity as an artist, my right to even pretend to draw things, whether I could possibly do art seriously… Some of those uncertainties are still there, but I now know that I will always do art ‘seriously’ regardless of where my career leads. It’s felt so good ramping up my creative output over the last year, and A Wren’s Tale has been a massive part of forming that habit. Even though I haven’t always managed to stick to a weekly regime for the comic, it has been getting easier and easier to create pages regularly and with less anxiety each time.

Here’s to more art in the next twelve months, and a big thanks to everyone who has supported me thus far – you are all wonderful, marvelous people, and I am so grateful for every comment, like and share that you have given me over the last year =D *throws confetti*


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