Work Experience

Just finished a week of work experience with the company my Dad works with – ClearPeople. The creative team was lovely, very willing to help me and to put up with my initial shyness and uncertainty! It definitely highlighted to me how little I know of the ‘language’ of graphic design (and the work place in general…). Being self-taught and mainly focused on illustration meant that there were things I took for granted which were surprising to the people around me, and a disproportionately larger number of things I hadn’t even considered which were part of their everyday.

The week has been utterly exhausting (6:15am starts do not sit well with me!) and incredibly stimulating. I’m gonna need a while to process all the new information! But I have had an insight into the workflow of creating something under direction as part of a team, from initial idea to (nearly) final execution. And as a nice bonus I’ve come away with a redesigned CV and renewed enthusiasm to get cracking with this whole career malarky!

I made this painting on my last day as part of an illustration to go on my resume. It’s a semi-self-portrait, a portrait of interests if you will. Spending a day painting in an office convinced me that it could be the best 9-5 job ever… though perhaps I just got a rose-tinted view of it since I was essentially working on a personal piece! =) Also, given my propensity to mentally inhabit a painting I’m creating, looking up to find myself in a sunlit office rather than my bedroom at night was rather disorientating…



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