So I’m Moving to Bristol…

Hi all! You may have noticed that there wasn’t an A Wren’s Tale page this week. That is because my life has suddenly taken a sharp lefthand turn and is now apparently driving at full-tilt along a bumpy track in the dark – oh and the headlights have broken. On the plus side, I think I can see some welcoming lanterns between the trees, although at this point perhaps the extended metaphor is becoming a little stretched…

In plain language, I’ve been given a place on an Animation MA! I had the interview on Friday, the course registration is this Thursday, I need to move to Bristol, this is ample time to go from ‘let’s find a job’ to ‘let’s become a student on the kind of course that I’ve always guiltily dreamed of and subconsciously known I wasn’t meant to join’…

As you may be able to tell, I am in a state of manic, exhausted, excited shock and as such will not be  posting any more comic pages until the world has calmed down and ceased to lurch forwards from one lurid snapshot to the next without bothering with the in-between bits! The last page ended Chapter 2, so at least I managed to get us to a logical stopping place before going on hiatus =)

See you on the other side!


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